Week 5

It’s bump update time!

Actually, I’m a little too late with the pregnancy updates because I was MIA from the blogging world for months. So, now I’m going to start my bump adventure journal at week 5.

May 2017

The first thing I did after my menstruation arrived was download the Flo Period and Ovulation Tracker app to help me monitor my ovulation days. Yes, I was really obsessed with getting pregnant that I even bought a few pregnancy test kits.

I think I allowed myself to be under too much pressure at age 32 and married for a year and a half. Every time I talk to my Mom via Messenger at home, she would ask me if I’m already pregnant and blah-blah-blah. I have friends who planned and got pregnant in a month or two. Plus, my husband always jokes at me every time he comes home from a flight if I’m already pregnant.

I told them that I just stopped my Depo shot, so I guess some of it are still in my system. I actually waited for more than a year to stop the Depo because I was infected with the Zika virus and I want to prevent any complications.


My first menstruation came May 14, 2017 and right after that I wasted a lot of pregnancy test (PT) kits. (Craaa-zeeey, I know!)

The second one came June 26, 2017. I’m always delay for a week or two, so I expected to have the next period in late July or 1st week of August.

This was the time I told myself to stop obsessing with getting pregnant and let nature do its course.

When the first week of August came, I started feeling bloated and my breasts were swollen and painful. I decided to buy a PT kit just to make sure.

I did the test in the evening and the result showed one pink line and a very, very, very faint second line. It was so faint that I tried a second test after a few minutes. It was negative. I was wondering the whole night why it had a faint line at first then negative with the second try. I think its because I kept on buying cheap PT kits.

The next day at work, I tried to save a lot of urine and did the PT again because I was really not convinced. I got two dark pink lines. I had my beta HCG done to make sure it was high and yes, the result came and I can say I am officially pregnant.

CONCLUSION: The first PT result had a second faint line because I didn’t have enough beta HCG in my urine at that time. The second PT result was negative because I peed all the beta HCG out during the first attempt.


  1. Prenatal vitamins with folic acid
  2. Download Ovia Pregnancy App
  3. Avoid coffee and tea
  4. Avoid raw food and the likes




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