One of the most unforgettable experiences I had in Brasilia was dining at Porcão, known as one of the top restaurants in Brazil.

Porcão served the finest Brazilian meat along with a buffet of different dishes that ranges from sushi to salads, vegetables to meat, and eat-all-you-can grills for only 115 BRL.

It has different branches located all over Brazil, unfortunately, the one we went to in Brasilia was closed permanently (I really don’t understand why.) In memory of the great food and full-happy tummies, I would like to share with you the reasons why we fell in love with Porcão.

5 things we love about Porcão:

1. Unlimited side dishes. Oh yes, they just kept coming! There were two cards placed on the table. If you turn the card to SIM, waiters will put different side dishes on your table and offer you a variety of grilled meat. If you had enough, you can just reversed the card to NÃO.


  1. Freshly-made caipirinha drinks. You can choose your own flavor from fresh fruits. This is a must-try, too.



3. The eat-all-you-can buffet. It’s like a food haven. Cuisine varies from Japanese, Brazilian, American and Spanish.



  1. Waiters carrying giant skewers with different types of meat. So, it’s true. Brazilian meat are the finest.



  1. Try quality Brazilian meat plus a full churrasco experience. Crowded place, friendly waiters and really good food, this is definitely one of the best restaurants we ever tried.




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