The first time I went to Satori Mountain to check out the Lord of the Mountain was.. well, it didn’t appear. Good thing the Mogg Latan shrine is a few feet away from its location, so I can fast travel anytime.

Then one night, all the way from the Foothill Stable, I saw the magical light from Satori Mountain again. I fast traveled there and was so amazed by the glowing aura surrounding the area. There were a number of blupees and of course, the majestic Lord of the Mountain. I wore the stealth armor set, sneaked my way to the Lord as the blupees ran away (I was scared the Lord will run, too) and mounted it.

I used my two full stamina and another 4 to 6 extra stamina until I finally tamed it. Though I already knew that the Lord can’t be registered in any stable, I tried how swift it was and visited some stables to show off. LOL 😛

We smoothly rode to the Outskirt Stable, Tabantha Stable and Rito Stable. It was really fast and I don’t need to control it that much. It’s one smart entity, but with a scary weird face. Oh well… So, I thought that maybe if I left him at Rito Village, he will stay there just like what I did with my first horse. Around 05:45 PM, I climbed down the Lord, took my selfie cam and before I can even press A, it ran away and disappeared like a bubble. Damn!

Okay, I don’t even want to talk about how I feel right now. For only one day, I already feel attached to it. I never really use horses in the game because I preferred climbing and paragliding… but this… is something… special.

According to Hyrulean legends, the Lord of the Mountain is a holy creature and a reincarnation of a Sage that died on Satori Mountain. – Zeldapedia


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