Suriname is located at the northeast part of South America. It was colonized by the Netherlands in the 17th century and became independent in 1975.

It is a multicultural country with strong African and Asian influences. The inhabitants of Suriname include the indigenous people (Amer-Indians), African, Hindustani, Javanese, Chinese, Dutch, Brazilians and now, Filipinos.

CAPITAL: Paramaribo

Dutch-designed buildings at Henck Arronstraat

The most famous route going to Suriname is from Schipol Airport in Amsterdam. There are daily flight schedules via the KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and Suriname Airways. A round-trip ticket costs around 1000 US depending on the season. It is usually cheaper to go to Suriname during winter season in the Netherlands.

There are also flights coming from the United States, Belem, Curacao and Trinidad&Tobago via Suriname Airways and Caribbean Airlines. Tickets are cheaper at 500 US below.

CURRENCY: Suriname Dollars (SRD). Due to the economic crisis and sudden inflation, the exchange rates for US dollars and Euros are currently on the rise. 1 US = 7 SRD; 1 Euro = 8 SRD

Presidential Palace

LANGUAGE: Sranan tongo or Taki taki (Surinamese tongue or Creole language), Dutch, Hindi, Bahasa, Mandarin and English

WHERE TO STAY: Suriname has numerous apartments and guesthouses where you can stay for only 30 Euros a night or 100 Euros a week.

There are also luxurious hotels like the Royal Torarica Hotel, Marriott Hotel, Hotel Krasnapolsky, etc that cost 70 US to 200 US per night.

The Palmentuin

Taxi: Starting rate is 7 SRD. You need to call a taxi in order to get one. If you are lucky you might find a vacant one roaming the street. Most common taxi company numbers are: 1679, 1660, 1690 and 1650.
Bus: 0.50 SRD above. You just need to find out which bus route to take.
Ferry: You can also take a ferry ride if you want to go to the other side of the Suriname river or when visiting villages found in the hinterland. Prices range from 50 SRD (7 US) to 70 SRD (10 US).
Plane: There are small planes available that bring passengers and cargo to the interior. If you want to experience flying over Suriname to the hinterland, Blue Wing Airlines is known for providing these services.

WEATHER: Suriname has a tropical climate. Rainy season starts from December to February and heavy rain season from April to August. Dry season starts from February to April and the hottest season is from August to December. Temperature at daytime is from 28 to 34 °C.


FOOD: Because Suriname has different ethnic groups, there is a large variety of restaurants that serve different cuisines.

Nasi Rames (Indo)

NIGHTLIFE: The capital, Paramaribo is known for its bars and entertaining night life. Bars, restaurants, dance clubs, hotels and casinos are found along the street of Kleine Waterstraat, also dubbed as the nightlife area of Suriname.

ENTERTAINMENT: The city has three malls namely: Maretriete Mall, Hermitage Mall and the Times Mall along with a variety of small shops and supermarkets.
TBL is the only cinema in the country located at the Hermitage Mall. You can check their website for movie programs.

For tourists who are looking for adventure and an exceptional travel experience, there are tours that would bring you to the most breathtaking places in Suriname. You can meet and learn the culture of the indigenous people living in the interior while enjoying the beauty of the tropical rainforest.

Alalapadu, Sipaliwini (Interior)

Tourists are seen roaming around the center and downtown areas, but some parts of the city are not considered safe. Be cautious and alert with your belongings when walking or eating at the Waterkant area. Avoid remote and dark areas especially at night. Refrain from walking at the Monseigneur Wulfinghstraat near the Dutch Embassy when you are alone during nightfall or dawn, people had been assaulted a lot of times in that spot.

One of the most common techniques of thieves is that they will pretend to bump you and drop their broken cellphones on the ground. They will then accuse you for breaking their phones and charge you with money.

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