A glimpse of my world

I am an Asian mermaid lost in transition. Instead of a purple fishtail, I got legs. I never learned how to swim. I might drown, I know, but my body will embrace the water where I belong, there and then, maybe, just maybe, I can have my tail back. Despite my failure in such transformation, my love for the sea, the sand and the sun is infinite.

ocean sand stars starfish sea beaches_wallpaperswa.com_95

I live in an enchanted forest at the end of a rainbow. I have a little window in my room where I can see unicorns playing in the grass field at day and magical fairies dancing under the silvery moon at night.

I am obsessed with the stars and the moon.  I want to write beautiful things about them. It makes my heart smile.


When the moon is high,
I fly on a broomstick and
Kiss the evening sky
– © Pancake Bunnykins, Haiku

I am a frustrated writer under the full moon. Its beauty gives me inspiration. Its shimmering light gives me the ability to open the window to an enchanted forest where all my other mermaid and elven friends live.

On my day off, I work as a part-time unicorn and paint rainbows, sometimes, I would form funny shapes in the clouds if I get tired from bouncing on them.


Witches on cauldron
Brewing powders and potions
Under the full moon
They dash here and they sprinkle
As the stars dance and twinkle
– © Pancake Bunnykins, Tanka

And last but not the least, I have a very imaginative mind. Feel free to read what’s inside it through this blog. 🙂



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  1. stumbled upon your blog whilst looking at comments on the daily prompts 🙂 am a surinamese, living in rotterdam and you have lovely pictures of my home country on this page. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thank you Sav. I’ve been here for two years now. I’m currently writing about my little walk in the center yesterday along with some snapshots of it. Going to post it soon. Suriname is a very nice country. They have lots of rich history and heritage 😀

  3. I keep looking at your header picture and think what sorcery is dis! Also.. I’m a leetle hungry now!

    Wish you a wonderful week. Big hug and much love from Holland! 🙂

  4. Wow 🙂 I’d love to live where you’re living 😀 haha !! Lovely blog and some great words here. Thanks for stopping by mine – wouldn’t have found your magical world if you hadn’t 🙂 Looking forward to more from here !! Cheers

  5. I am so glad I followed your blog. Your blog titles are so catchy you are tempted to click on a link and read. I look forward to reading all your work in the next few days 🙂

  6. Pancake Bunnykins, I received a follow from you so I hopped over to click your follow also. May we share some time together as we drift, run, hop, or sit a bit in this blogland.

  7. Lovely bio! Very unique and the description you provided reminds me of Enid Blyton’s The Enchanted Forest and how everything was so magical there. Imagination – what a lovely place to live in! It always stays fresh and there are more than enough adventures to last a whole lifetime. 😀

  8. Rainbow farts? Woah, that’s pretty cool. I did not know they did that. (My knowledge of magical creatures is pretty much limited to Shrek 1, 2 and 3. I know that donkeys can talk, though.)

  9. I love the header image! Seem we have some things in common: love for the night and moon, being a frustrated writer 🙂 magical world… I can go on and on. Hurrah for over-active imagination of creative people.

  10. Your about page made smile 🙂 It reminds me of my youth where Chinese infant with 360 rotating head sitting on a crumbling wall totally naked and bone dry despite of the raging rain smiling wanly to me was nothing but ordinary and a stray cat could lead me home.

  11. Hi Pancake Bunnykins, you’ve got a really nice blog here! I love how ‘girly’ and ‘mermaidly’ and ‘moony’ the ambiance is. I’m in love with the moon as well, specially full moon! I’d like to know the stars more in person. Unfortunately, I seldom see the stars in the city full of smog. In time, I guess. 😀

  12. Thank you so much, Jai. I guess we have a lot of things in common. 😀 I also seldom see the stars here because I rarely go out of the house in the evening. Maybe, I should do that more often. I missed staring at the big silver full moon on a starry night in an open field at home. 😀

  13. Hi! Your blog is beautiful and I’ve skimmed a few of your posts, you write wonderfully! It also seems like you have quite an imagination. It’s a pleasure to meet you!

  14. Hey, pancake. I’ve missed you for a while. I confess to getting behind and giving up on some posts so maybe it is my fault. Anyway I’m staying up with everyone today. Thanks for your visit and the like on my likes. I’m adding to List Three. So I’m trotting right along now to add you. See you.

  15. Hey,Oneta! That’s so sweet! 😀 I haven’t posted for some time. I’ve been busy with work, part-times and the upcoming wedding! Whew! I think I really missed a lot and I decided to catch up. 😀 See you around! <3

  16. I love your posts, there’s something magical about them, this place you live with your dragon under the moonlight – is there room for others? I like the sound of it?

  17. I have plenty of imagination Bunnykins. I’ll hop on by sometime. Make sure you write more about it – I want to know.
    Have you heard of the blog battle? Where you write short stories against other bloggers?

  18. Thank you for following my blog! Maraming salamat! You are the first kababayan I’ve seen here in the blogsphere, and your site is a gem! xx Von

  19. thrilled thoughts you have me
    witches fantasies explored
    wizard’s endeavours

    my ploy is to watch
    sinister shadows moon cast
    silhouettes disguised

    on cloudy nights
    I cut slits with my magic
    so the moon can see

    I have a fairy
    well she befriended me
    left a rose look see

    I do toil a lot
    bubbles red fresh champagne conjured
    shadows caught good night

    thank you for the trip
    magic words spells in between

    I will magically duplicate all, then paste to my blog, Wish you many magical nights – Mick, Wizard from the realms of fantasy.

  20. Dalawa rin pala blog mo. ☺ I love how you describe yourself here. Parang naiinspired ano na magganun, yung mga about ko kasi puro basic lang. 😁

  21. OMG Hello Erma! At ngayon ko lang nabasa ung comment mo. Tagal ko din di na open tong blog ko hahaha. Nagka writer’s block na naman kaya dun ako tumambay sa kabila. Hahahaha 😀

  22. Haha .. hello po. kaya pala no comment hehe. normal lang po yan, minsan busy rin kaya wala tayong minsan . 🙂 Hope you’re doing okay po. I haven’t been reading blogs for a while, nagrereply lang sa comments. Hope to read interesting blogs soon. 🙂

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