What’s better than spending your Saturday afternoon relaxing under a tree while watching the sun’s rays sparkle in the Suriname River?

I might sound melodramatic, but trust me, this is what nature’s doing to me. When you’re surrounded by Mother Nature, all you have to do is to get that pen and paper and write what she’s whispering to you. 😛

Anyway, back to reality!
Me and my team rented a bus going to Brokopondo where Anani Strand is located. It’s almost an hour and a half drive. It’s rainy season in Suriname right now, but lucky for us, the sun was up the whole day though there were a few grey clouds passing by once in awhile.

Anani Strand is also called the river beach because it’s actually part of the Suriname River. There is an entrance fee of 10 SRD (1.2 US) per person. They also charge 10 SRD parking fee for cars and 15 SRD (2 US) for buses and big trucks.

Cottages are available for 50 SRD (6 US) to 150 SRD (19 US) though some of the cottages were poorly maintained. Ours was a bit messy when we arrived, so we have to clean the tables by ourselves. I think 50 SRD is a fair price considering there is no corkage fee for outside food and drinks.

There’s no accessible store nearby, so you have to go by car if you need something. Toilets and changing rooms are available for both men and women. You need to pay 2 SRD per use, but we never did since no one was there to collect the payment. I guess, everyone used it for free.

The sound of the rainforest from a far was relaxing. The sweet afternoon breeze plus the sound of exotic birds create a music that can loosen up the stress from the city life.

The emerald-colored water and lush jungle emphasized the tropical part of Suriname.

If you want to go swimming, make sure you don’t have any open cuts or wounds because the river is also home for piranhas. This guy just caught about 4 piering (piranhas) and is selling it for 30 SRD (4 US) per kilo.

We ate roti and moksi for lunch. I was able to observe how to make roti from my Hindustan colleagues. It was pretty cool learning how to make it step by step.

We ate a full meal twice and I was so full I fell asleep in the chair. Hahaha. Nothing more relaxing than falling asleep from the jungle lullaby.

I’m so happy I was able to get a dose of my vitamin sea this month. It’s nice to go out in the sun once in awhile and get my skin burned. LOL.

Location: Brokopondo Centrum, Suriname




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