Today marks the last day of Suriname’s Avondvierdaagse (AVD) also known as wandelmars. The event lasted for four days and is sponsored by the top companies in the country.

The march started at 4 in the afternoon and lasted up to 3 to 4 hours. There were around 4,000 participants this year and they all wore bright-colored costumes that represent a specific group or company. They would walk and dance to a distance of 9 to 11km everyday for four days. Runners, both locals and tourists also participated in the event.

Most main streets were closed, so some people were rushing home before the parade starts. There were food booths in some sidewalks and the medical team was also on the go.

We watched the wandelmars near Academisch Ziekenhius since it’s closer to our place and with less people. It was nice to see how the participants dance and sing in harmony, but I think it’s more fun to watch the parade in the late afternoon where there’s more people watching and cheering.

It is somewhat similar to the festivals in the Philippines but without the street party, loud music and grandeur street decorations. If you like traditional costumes and cultural parades, you will enjoy the wandelmars.





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