I brought my little one to the RGD (Regional Gezondheid Dienst) or the Municipal Health Center today for his second vaccination. I wrote second because he already got his first Hep B shot right after he was born. A few days before going to the RGD, we went to the house doctor first to get his approval that our son can get the vaccine.(This is mandatory!)

Some of my friends wondered why we went to the RGD instead of going to the Kinderarts (Pediatrician) for the prick. In Suriname, you are only referred to a specialist if it is really needed, but since we don’t have any problems with our son, the nurse sent us to the RGD instead. Not that it matters at all, but the only difference is that the RGD is FREE. If you prefer to go to a pediatrician, you can always ask your house doctor to refer you to one.

For those who wants to register in the RGD, these are the requirements:

  1. Familie Boekje (Family Book) from CBB
  2. Onstlagbrief v/h ziekenhuis/ baby kaartje (Discharge Order from the hospital or baby card)
  3. Toestemmingsbrief van de huisarts voor eerste prikje (A letter from the house doctor stating that the baby can receive the vaccine)
  4. Uittreksel van huidig adres (Uittreksel with current address) from CBB
  5. Eenmalig 14.00 SRD (One time payment)
  6. Voeding/ Kleding (Food and clothes for baby)
suriname vaccinatieschema
The immunization schedule can be found inside the immunization booklet

The nurses in the RGD are friendly and helpful that’s why we don’t have any problem going back there for the next vaccination. They will also monitor the baby’s weight and length as well as the baby’s nutrition.


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