Bequia is the second largest island in the Grenadines. Described by the press as “the perfect Caribbean Island”, it used to be a volcanic island. It has a yacht-filled harbor and is bordered by excellent beaches both the windward (east and south-east) and leeward (west) sides. Its capital is Port Elizabeth.

Port Elizabeth

We took a 45-minute ferry ride from Kingstown to Bequia for 45 EC (16 US), back and forth. Tickets are available inside the ferry. The ride was a bit bumpy though because of the eastern trade winds. Taxis are available in the port area. They charge 20 EC per ride.

Port Elizabeth

Driving: Visitors who wish to drive a rented vehicle can obtain a local driving permit from the Revenue Office in Port Elizabeth. You only need to show your international or national driving license from your own country. The permit is valid for 6 months. Price: 65 EC.


Accommodation: We booked at Ermina’s Villa with 3 rooms for 120 US per night through Airbnb. It is one of the most inexpensive guesthouses in Bequia. The view from the porch was spectacular. The house is spacious and you can use all its facilities. The place is situated on high ground (most of the houses are), so it is actually difficult to climb up and down. We think it is NOT suitable for older people. The taxis can drive up, but not during rainy days. Imagine us going down the slope with our bags on our last day.

The view from our guesthouse

The location of our guesthouse is perfect since it is only 5 minutes away from Lower Bay and 7 to 10 minutes going to Princess Margaret Beach.

Lower Bay
6 AM at Lower Bay
Princess Margaret Beach

Beach Wedding
Bequia is a popular wedding destination. You can fulfill your mermaid dream and get married in one of the best beaches in the Caribbean, feel the ocean breeze against your skin and the sand beneath your feet as you say your vows, and most of all you can use the ocean and the sky as a complimentary wedding backdrop.


For wedding packages, you can get discounts from wedding planners. We highly suggest the Grenadines Collection, they are really helpful and are always available in assisting our wedding needs.

For tourists, you need to be a resident of St. Vincent for one whole day, so you will be entitled for a special marriage license. You just need to bring your passport or any decree (if you’re divorced or widowed).

Local Restaurants
Jack’s Bar
Keegan’s Beachside Restaurant
Fernando’s Hideaway
Bequia Firefly Plantation Hotel
Papa’s Bar
There are also several restaurants at the Belmont Walkway in Port Elizabeth

Dive Bequia
Bequia has lots of diving and snorkeling spots to choose from. We made an appointment at Dive Bequia and they charged 20 US per person. The diving team took us to the Devil’s Table. They said it is one of the top places where you can see different kinds of fish, and if lucky you might spot seahorses. The divers knew exactly where to find them and we had the chance to take photos.

Devil’s Table

Moonstone is another diving and snorkeling destination, unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to go there.

Mesmerizing sunset
The sunset is one of the most magnificent views you will see for free. Be sure not to miss it when you’re there.



For more information about St. Vincent and the Grenadines, you can check their website at DiscoverSVG.



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