Aside from our play time and activities, Niko enjoys watching kids shows and dinosaurs on YouTube. There’s no denying that he learned a lot of new things just by watching these shows. The only thing that worries me is the negative effect of blue light to his eyes.

I was so happy when Blue Light Kids  sent Niko his own pair of blue light glasses.

The glasses fit him perfectly plus they are lightweight and durable (we all know how active toddlers are). He loves his new glasses and can’t stop wearing them!

One of the best things about Blue Light Kids is their lifetime warranty, so you never have to worry about kids accidentally breaking their pair.

Screen time is not going anywhere soon especially with the advancement of digital technology and the current pandemic. It’s always best to keep our little ones protected from the harmful effects of these gadgets.

When Nate is a little older, I will definitely get him his own Blue Light Kids glasses, too.

To get your own pair, head to Blue Light Kids website. They have a lot of colors and style to choose from. Use code thekolbeekboysBOGO to avail their buy one, get one pair FREE.

Niko is wearing the Surf Blue Light Blocker.

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