Last Saturday, I woke up with a feeling that I have to bring the boys to the beach. Okayyy, I just really wanted to get out of the house and go somewhere. Plus, Nate never went to the beach (or anywhere) at all. Niko went a few times in the Philippines, but not here in Suriname.

That Saturday was also a holiday and it could only mean two things.
a) If it’s a holiday, most of the resorts are probably closed or
b) If it’s Saturday, the resorts could be crowded.

I checked the web for information about known resorts in Suriname, but most of them are closed.

So, we went on a road trip (with our swimming outfits in the trunk) to search for an open resort outside the city.

Thus, our map brought us to Caribo Beach Resort. (We searched for White Beach, but it led us here so….)

We stopped by the entrance and they asked us if we made a reservation.
No. We didn’t have because this swimming idea was unexpected.

They told us to call their front desk.
No one was picking up.

To make the long story short, it was fully booked, but luckily for the boys, there was a last hut available. So, we took it.

Actually, the place was not full. They’re just limiting the guests because of the pandemic. So, this is also an advantage for us.

We paid 100 SRD for the hut or if you want it near the water it’s 120 SRD. They have a restaurant inside but you can also bring your own food. It’s really convenient and reasonable.

The playground is Niko’s favorite spot.

When it was time to swim, Nate wasn’t even scared of the water. He was really enjoying, but Niko was over the moon. 😁

We also enjoyed the food in the restaurant. They were tasty and affordable, especially the beef burger.

They have swimming pools, too. Caribo is a nice resort, but some areas are still under construction.

The pricelist is posted in the main entrance. They didn’t change their rates despite the current exchange rate.

For Reservations, these are the numbers:
08788506 / 07283344 / 08280919 / 425070 /426630 / 426509


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