Holi is one of my favorite festivals in Suriname. I love how everyone unites to celebrate the Festival of Colors. Niko attended his first Holi celebration last 2019 and we had a blast.

To celebrate the upcoming Holi Festival, we did a cotton ball painting using droppers.

Cotton balls
Packing tape
Colored water
Embellishments (foam hearts and googly eyes)
Colored papers for the hair
Hot glue gun and stick

Cut the doll shapes from paper and covered each with packing tape (to avoid them from getting wet).
Add colored hairs, googly eyes and some foam hearts for extra details.
Spread out the cotton balls first then attach them onto the dolls’ bodies using hot glue.

Separate the colored waters in different containers and provide droppers for each color.

This is the first time Niko did a painting using droppers and he enjoyed it a lot. Plus, I used spill-proof paint cups from Pandie Su to hold the colored waters, so the activity was a little messy.

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