I just realized I don’t care

No matter how nice you are to people, they will always have something to say against you.
Close-minded people.
Whatever you want to call them.
Call them that.

There are people who wanted to control your life just because they are not happy with theirs.
They get mad at you because you are different from them in attitude, views and personality.
People who gets on your nerves but still you have to act like everything is okay because you are friends!


Yes. Those people who pretended they are your friends when they need something then talk behind your back. Those who will say ridiculous things about you then act up like they’re the victims.

I had met those people. I had the worst days of my life. And I decided I am never going back to that kind of situation anymore.

Being nice to them doesn’t mean that they have every right to abuse me.
I am a quiet person. I always mind my own business. I am happy if someone is happy. I mean, all I ever wanted to do is admire the beauty of nature and write about it.

Having those negative people in your life could really affect your day.
I wanted to speak up! To stand against them!
But how can you talk to a narrow-minded person when she only listens to herself? Useless, huh?

IGNORE. Pretending “those people” don’t exist is the best thing I had ever done.

No one can hurt me without my permission.
They can say whatever they want.
As long as they don’t mess with my life or my decisions, however bad it may be.
It’s still my life, they can go fvck theirs!


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“Break the Silence.”


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