Last week, we had a little day trip to Groningen, Suriname. It’s a 45-minute drive from the city. The first time we went here, Niko was only 3 months old. Now, we’re back with a very energetic 30-month-old and 9-month-old jongens.

This time it’s different though. The cottages beside the river were all closed due to the pandemic. They also closed the road where the park is. There were not a lot of people, just a few cars passing by.

We stayed for an hour. Niko was running around the small park. It’s the best we can do for the kids at the moment. Because of the pandemic, the boys can’t go out of the house pretty much, so we usually do a little sight-seeing or a short day trip to kill the boredom.

Also, it’s the Greenheart season again and the trees are turning yellow. This little boy enjoyed every second of it.


Pancake Bunnykins

An Asian mermaid lost in transition.

I live in an enchanted forest at the end of a rainbow. I have a little window in my room where I can see unicorns playing in the grass field at day and magical fairies dancing under the silvery moon at night.

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