After FINALLY reaching Zora’s Domain, I started the quest of taking back the Divine Beast, Vah Ruta. Muzu asked me to climb up Ploymus Mountain and get 20 shock arrows to be used in restoring Vah Ruta. Sounds easy at first. Arrows, huh! The only drawback is the Lynel guarding the area… or let’s say living in the area.

It’s only now I realized, I didn’t changed my shield hahaha!

And because I’m a BotW noob, off I went. I swam upward the waterfalls (thanks to the Zora armor) until I reached the Lynel’s lair. Imagine both my hands sweating while I tried to take a photo of him. Nope. I can only do it really far…… And it was not recognized in the Lynel Safari quest given by Laflat. 😡

I took a few photos (though a bit far, but still the Lynel saw me and shot me with a shock arrow… Dead! 💀)Fortunately, that photo was accepted at last.

After the photoshoot, confident Link jumped in front of the Lynel and challenged him to a duel. 😭😭😭 I have 6 hearts plus 10 extra. He hit me once twice and BAM! I’m dead again! 💀
I fought him three to four times. Weapons broke. Shields broke. Bows broke. Still I died!


I whined at my husband about how difficult it is to kill a Lynel. When he knew about it, he laughed at me and said: You can just steal the arrows, you know. You don’t really need to kill the Lynel.
Are you kidding me?
He’s right. I can just sneak and steal the arrows, but I’m not good with sneaking. The Lynel always feels I’m there. We even played hide and seek behind the rock. I suck! Haha!

Oh well. I teleported to Korok Forest and bought myself a few sets of shock arrows. Easy, but it costs rupees.
I went back to Ploymus Mountain (with 20 extra hearts) and paraglided down to the East Reservoir Lake where Sidon was waiting and accepted the challenge of restoring Vah Ruta.

Here goes nothing! *Gulp*

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