Nikolaj just turned one month! Yey!

Related imageCelebrating monthly birthdays are a thing now. I wanted to be creative with Nikolaj’s monthly birthdays, so for his first month, we did a DIY photoshoot with a Batman theme.

I made the props, set everything up, took the photo and challenged myself with editing because I am not a professional photographer and I am also a noob when it comes to Photoshop and Lightroom. I’m glad that the photoshoot was done in less than 10 minutes because he was really cooperative asleep. 😛

Things needed:

  • Camera
  • Any grey colored onesie
  • Black, white and yellow colored papers, 3.00 SRD each (cut and shaped)
  • Black string (for the mask)
  • Pigeon-blue colored sheet (for background)
  • Photoshop (I used a cloud brush for the smoke effect, you can download it here)
  • Lightroom (for editing)
  • Batman cake, 195.00 SRD (from Say It With Cupcakes – Suriname)


batman photoshoot
Niko the Batman



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