Time flies so fast!!! I just turned 34 this month (shout-out to all my fellow Scorpios!) and wow… I couldn’t believe that next year I would be in my mid 30s. Just wow! I don’t even feel like it. They said life starts at 40, so I’m kinda excited to see what’s in store for me.

It’s the 6th time I celebrated my birthday away from home. I never really put any effort to celebrate it ever since, but this year, I decided to make things different. I organized a Boho themed birthday party for myself.

From recycled materials to DIY decorations, I managed to create a Bohemian setup on my own. On my own because I am kinda antisocial when it comes to crafting. I’m like a member of the Antisocial Crafting Club, if there is one.


I wanted my guests to experience a close to real Bohemian party, so I set up a long table using pallets.

Flower crowns were waiting at the entrance for my fellow gypsy souls. The DIY flower crowns were made from metallic pipe cleaners, ribbons and artificial flowers attached together using hot glue.

I made a rustic-looking pouch for the spoon and fork with inspirational quotes from brown kraft paper.

As for the table centerpieces, I recycled my son’s Gerber bottles and used them as candle holders. The flower vases were used contrast bottles I got from the CT Scan Department and spray painted it in gold.

I also decorated an old crate with cardstock paper feathers and vinyl letters to give it a Boho look.


A Boho party is never complete without a teepee, so I made one, too. I tied three long wooden stick together, covered it in a purple sheet I borrowed from my brother and put fairy lights in front.

The gypsy soul directional sign was made from cardstock papers and a broken mop handle. LOL 😛



Planning a party can be tiresome, but seeing that my friends enjoyed it is all worthwhile.

That night was a fairytale, not because I got the prince, but because I made my Bohemian dream happened.

Again, Happy 34th to me!

NOTE: If you’re looking for my imaginary husband, he was on a flight to Miami. 😀 😀 😀


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