It’s the time of the month again and our little Niko turned six months. This time, I decided to go with a cake smash theme except that… he will not smash the cake. Not yet. I will wait for the actual cake smash when he turns 1.

He was actually sick with the flu when we did the photoshoot, but he still managed to give Mermommy some nice photos.

I made a small banner with a Captain America shield, put a 1/2 number on it and hung it in the middle of the paper tassels. I pumped the balloons and covered the floor with a nice blue leather mat I bought at Lamara for 15 SRD a meter.

Things needed:

  • Blue, white and red foam paper for cap and tie
  • Blue, white and red crepe paper for tassels
  • Blue, white and red balloons
  • Blue, white and red construction papers for banner
  • Red and white metallic papers for stars
  • Blue leather mat
  • Blue curtain
  • Captain America half cake, 210 SRD (Say it with Cupcakes – Suriname)


And I also joined the photoshoot with my DIY Captain America hair bow.

Happy 1/2 birthday, Niko!


Pancake Bunnykins

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