I know that the Halloween season is over, but I still have this post-Halloween fever and a few late posts 😀

Today, I’m going to share with you how I made the trick or treat bags that the kids used last Halloween.

2x A4 size felt. I used green and orange for Frankenstein and the Jack O’ Lantern.
4x 1-1/2 inch square felt, same color as the bags
Black and white foam papers for Frankenstein and just black for the Jack O’ Lantern
Glue gun and stick
Sewing machine or you can just hand stitch them
Orange and green thread
13 inches green and orange ribbons, 2x each

diy felt treat or trick bags

STEP 1: Start by placing the right side of both felt facing each other. The wrong sides should be outside. Stitch the sides and bottom, leaving the top as an opening.

diy felt trick or treat bags

STEP 2: Turn the bag inside out. With the right sides in front, prepare the ribbons and glue gun. Put a small amount of hot glue on the tip of the ribbon and attach it inside the felt.

STEP 3: Put hot glue to the 1-1/2 inch square felt and place it on the tip of the ribbon. Do the same to the other tip and to the other side of the bag.

diy felt treat or trick bags

STEP 4: Cut face patterns from the foam paper and attach them unto the front of the bag with a hot glue.

You can download the Frankenstein pattern here:

For the Jack O’ Lantern, you can find a lot of free templates online. 🙂

This is one of the easiest trick or treat bags I ever made. These bags are really strong. they can survive the hands of a toddler. 😀

kids halloween party

I hope you loved this DIY felt bag tutorial. Have fun!

diy felt trick or treat bags

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