October is my second favorite month of the year because:

I feel that chill in the air.
The leaves are falling everywhere.
Fall is the time of year that brings
apples and pumpkins and Halloween.

Lyrics from Barney’s It’s Halloween Night Tonight 😅

I love everything about Halloween, from the full moon to witches riding the broomstick, from ghouls to wizards and all that is in the dark. So, in my obsession with Halloween or Samhain, may I present to you… HaNIKO Potter.

Things needed:

  • Black foam sheet for DIY eyeglasses
  • Red, yellow, brown felt paper for Gryffindor robe logo and tie
  • White paper for DIY collar (Niko doesn’t have any shirt with collar, so I just made one for him)
  • Large black v-neck shirt (I used my husband’s shirt)
  • Black, red, yellow construction papers for Gryffindor banner
  • Grey cardstock for lion on the Gryffindor banner
  • DIY wand
  • DIY owl
  • Perfume bottles that looks like a potion bottle
  • Candle and black candle holder (I used my pen organizer)
  • Eyeliner to draw Harry Potter’s scar
  • Wooden crates
  • Yellow and black curtains
  • Wood-like vinyl flooring (bought it for 16 SRD a meter)
  • Glue gun and glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Harry Potter cake, 285 SRD (Say it with Cupcakes – Suriname)


Wingardium leviosa! 💫

Happy 7th month, Niko!


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