A Harry Potter photoshoot is never complete without Hedwig. To make a snowy owl, I recycled my son’s water jug and use some of the things found in my craft room.

This is so easy to make and it only took me less than 30 minutes to finish the project (excluding the painting part).

Things needed:

  • Gerber pure water jug or a milk jug
  • White paint
  • Paint brush
  • Black, white and yellow foam sheets
  • 1 pack white mini cupcake cups
  • Glue stick and glue gun
  • White cardstock


1. The area where the handle is marks the owl’s face. Cover it with white paint and let dry.
2. Cut a pair of large white circles, medium yellow circles and small black circles from the foam sheets. Arrange them to form the eyes and attach using a glue stick between the handle.

3. Cut out a thin, long triangle from the black foam sheet and glue it in the middle of the jug handle.

4. Cover the whole body with the mini cups.
5. Cut a diamond shape and two identical wings from the cardstock and cover them with the mini cups as well.
5. Cut a thin opening on both sides of the jug and insert the tip of each wing. Secure the outside with a glue stick.
6. Cut off the top part of the jug and attach the diamond-shaped cardstock to form the owl’s head.

Hello, Hedwig! Welcome to our home!🦉


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