diy superman photoshoot

I did Niko’s ONE-year photoshoot a week before our flight to the Philippines.

The photoshoot was done in our apartment’s garage (yes, I emphasized the word apartment because people might get the wrong idea that we have our own garage.)

One of the things I use as my to go background is a faux leather mat. I find it useful for outdoor shoots. Aside from being cheap, it is also strong and doesn’t get blown by the wind a lot.

For the banner, I cut out the letter O-N-E from yellow, dark blue and red cardboard papers using the Times New Roman font.

 πŸ’° Blue faux leather mat from Lamara, 15 SRD per meter

I bought a blue T-shirt as a base. The Superman logo was cut out from felt paper and sewn unto the t-shirt. I sewn the red cape myself. It was actually my first time sewing with a sewing machine (and it motivated me to buy my own!) The Superman neck tie worn by Teddy was made of cardstock papers, the same ones I used for the banner.

This was supposed to be a cake smash, but unfortunately (*sob and another *sob), the cake was damaged during transport. Okay, I don’t even want to talk about it. Only the icing was left standing, so I just put it on top of a re-purposed cake stand. 😫 😫 😫 Well, I don’t want to call it a cake stand because it is more of a bucket-sponge-strainer kind of thing that my husband uses when cleaning his car, but I called dibs on it, so it is my cake stand now. πŸ˜›

Aside from the failed cake smash, I think I got a lot of nice photos.

Here is the photo that I used for Niko’s birthday cake and invitation:

Happy 1st Birthday to our Superman!


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