I think this is one of the hardest costumes I have ever made. It’s a little complicated and I really tried to figure out how to make the Beasty vest using a polo shirt since I’m not really an expert seamstress. (I taught myself how to sew, so I can make cute little things. 😀 )

And I don’t want to sew a whole vest for a one-time photoshoot.

I don’t want to buy a ready-made costume either because I have this mindset to make everything by myself and use all available materials as much as possible. Aside from saving money, making DIYs inspire me to be more creative. That’s why my life is full of complicated craft problems.

Things needed:
●Dark blue polo shirt (I used a 2-year-old size polo, so it will look like he’s wearing long sleeves.
●Gold fabric lining ribbon
●Yellow felt
●One small gold button
●One big blue button
●Scallop-edge white lace
●Gold glittered foam paper (optional)
●Brown pants
●Brown felt
●Brown foam paper
●Blue and yellow thread
●Hot glue gun and stick


Cutout a flag-shape using the yellow felt (rectangle with two triangles at the bottom) and two small rectangles. Sew the felt in the middle of the polo shirt, just an inch from the neck.

Sew the gold fabric lining ribbon on top of the felt going unto the sides and also on both sleeves. Then you can attach the small rectangles on the left and right side of the flag-shaped felt. Do NOT glue the gold button yet.

Cut two white scalloped-edge lace and sew unto both sleeves.

Using the remaining lace, cut another two of the same size and put them on top of each other, folding them like a triangle. The top slightly bigger than the bottom. I used the gold glittered foam paper below the blue button to add extra detail. You can leave it if you want. Attach the button and the lace with hot glue. Then sew it unto the elastic. Once you figured out the length of the cravat, you can attach the gold button an inch below it.

I used a brown velvet footed pants for the bottom and added felt toes.

The felt is really a life-saver, trust me. I have been washing this pants for a few months now and the tiny toes are still there 😛

I am usually keen with details, but sometimes I can be lazy, too. All the character head crowns I made for Niko were cut out from colored cardboards and glued one by one. But now that I’m always preoccupied with two boys, I just printed a beast head and cut the bottom part out. I attached the foam paper with hot glue at the back of the head.

Cake from Say it with Cupcakes

Hooray for two months!


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