Let us show our Dads how much we appreciate and love them by celebrating Father’s Day at home.

Here are some quarantine ideas that you can try to make Father’s Day special no matter the situation.

  1. Breakfast in bed. Surprise Dad with his favourite pancake and coffee in bed.
  2. Do a movie marathon. Let Dad pick which movies to watch.
  3. Nothing beats home-cooked meals. As per my husband, it’s always better than eating out.
  4. Give a handmade gift. They’re always the best. Me and my son painted an airplane a few weeks ago as a Father’s Day gift.
  5. Video games bring people together. It’s one of the best way to connect and bond. Allow Dad’s inner child to come out.
  6. Celebrate Father’s Day in style and inside. Can’t go out to the park for a picnic? Bring it indoor.

Give your Dad the love and celebration he deserves, may it be simple or with extra effort. The most important thing is that he knows he is appreciated for everything he had done to his family.

Happy Father’s Day everyone, especially to my husband and to my Dad in heaven.


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