Filipino Superstitious Beliefs During Pregnancy

Growing up in a country that was greatly influenced by superstitious beliefs, I was aware at such a young age about some of the things you should and shouldn’t do when you or someone you know is pregnant.

One of the factors that adds up to a pregnant woman’s anxiety are the weird and unusual advices coming from people especially the elders.

Here are some of the popular Filipino pamahiin or superstitious beliefs during pregnancy:

  1. Pregnant women who eat a twin banana during the first month of pregnancy will give birth to twin babies.
  2. The skin color or characteristics of your baby are based on the food you were craving when you were still pregnant.
  3. You should avoid looking at unattractive people or watch scary movies because the baby will look like them.
  4. Don’t eat any leftover food from a pregnant woman because it will make you sleepy.
  5. Pregnant women should not be photographed because she might experience difficulty in labor.
  6. Don’t cut your hair when you are pregnant because the child will have a stuttering problem.
  7. Avoid watching shows or cartoons where the characters don’t talk e.g. Mr. Bean because the child will have a hard time learning how to speak.
  8. Don’t wear a necklace or anything around your neck while pregnant to prevent the umbilical cord from coiling around the baby’s neck.
  9. Pregnant women are not allowed to look inside a coffin during wakes and funerals because she will have a hard time delivering the baby.
  10. Visitors are not allowed to stand at the door when there is a pregnant woman inside because it will give her a difficult delivery.
  11. If you experience skin darkening and pimple outbreaks during pregnancy, you will have a boy.
  12. If you look pretty and fresh during pregnancy, you will have a girl.
  13. Avoid eating ginger because your baby might have extra fingers or toes when born.
  14. Avoid being stress or depress when you are pregnant because the child will grow up to be unhappy.
  15. If your abdomen itches a lot, your baby come out hairy.

These are old beliefs that some Filipinos still follow, but it is still up to you if you let these views affect your daily life.

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