Aside from excavators, Niko also loves fire trucks, police cars, ambulances and anything that goes wee-oow-wee-oow!

In this activity, I used wooden blocks to create the houses. This sensory bin may look too much, but it’s actually easy to make. I didn’t even have to use my Cricut. 😀


fire truck sensory bin

Wooden tray
Fire truck toys
Wooden blocks
Wooden spoon
Yellow, red, brown and black cardstocks
Medicine cup
Blue pipe cleaner
Paper firemen
Double-sided foam tape

Let’s start with the house:
I used the wooden blocks as base for my houses.
For the roof: cut triangles from the brown cardstock.
Windows: Cut small squares from the black.
Fire: Cut a big fire from the red and a smaller one from the yellow. Attach the yellow on top of the red.

Click here for the Paper Fireman Tutorial

Spread the corn all over the tray and arrange all the materials. I added some trees and Lego blocks for more details. I also placed the pipe cleaner inside the medicine cup and told Niko that this is the water to put out the fire.
Serve to play.

Niko was so amazed when I showed him the tray. He used the pipe cleaner as “water” and put it on each of the fire. He then asked me to remove the fire because he already put it out. I’m glad that the double-sided foam tape is really easy to remove so, that’s not a problem. 😀

fire truck sensory bin

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