Sipaliwini is an Indian village found in the Sipaliwini District (the border of Suriname and Brazil). It takes a 2-hour flight from Suriname and 2 hours back via the Cessna 206. There are only 2 to 3 flights per month, mostly government flights.

The inhabitants of Sipaliwini are the Tiriyó Indians. Most of them are also found in Kwamalasamuto, another village close by. It is a closed community where the men hunt and provide the food while the women cook. Electricity is available only if there is enough fuel.


The Suriname government sends them food and supplies every month including distilled waters and soda drinks. The Tiriyó Indians speak the Tiriyó language, but most of them speak Dutch, too.

Sipaliwini is surrounded by the Sipaliwini river and tropical rainforests that supply a rich variety of food and natural resources to the locals. They also use kayaks for fishing and to travel to nearby villages. Their traditional lifestyle and survival skills are few of the things that I admire about them.

Sipaliwini River

Take a plane from Zorg en Hoop Airport.

Location: Sipaliwini District, Suriname

The Road Taken




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