Global Warming

© Pixabay

I cry with the world
as the planet gets warmer
Are we in danger?
as frozen earth starts to melt
Are we at war with nature?
©P. Bunnykins


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  1. Nice tanka poem, written well that gives meaning to global warming. Thanks, looking forward to more poetry writing by you.
    Have a nice day.

  2. Yes. The temps are way above normal, even for this time of the year! We are near Brisbane, Queensland but it is expected to be as high as 46C in western Queensland.

  3. Thankfully, we have airconditioning. Feel sorry for those sweltering in the heat 🙁 Hopefully, it will not last for tooo long. Have a great day!

  4. My haiku thoughts:
    global warning
    natures begging for help
    ice melting tears

    take heed at its begging
    natures in big trouble
    facing extinctions

    winter spring as well
    fickle inflicting much loss
    sun rain frost snow

    dependant on where
    in summer tempters soar
    nature so thirsty
    extinctions rife
    fickle spring weather cost
    fauna flora gone
    remember the days
    summer butterflies abundant
    redundant sweep nets
    okay I am done
    transcribed my thoughts
    for P Bunnykins
    before I post
    public not fighting nature
    criminal governments
    couldn’t fit inspired in with P. Bunnykins , to many syllable’s, nonetheless I thank you most kindly for your inspiring poem, a subject close to my heart, thanks again,

    Take care,


    PS I will be posting this to my blog, look out for a pingback if you have that option switched on.

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