We are going to welcome 2018 with glitz and glam using the color of the year, ultimate purple. From balloons, table settings, decorations, backdrop to t-shirts, we got them all covered.

We didn’t have enough time to prepare for the party because most of us have work. We just bought party favors a day before and throw in whatever fits in the backdrop. gold and purple party theme idea


Balloons and flaglets, 50 SRD – Harry Tjin Party Supplies
Number balloons, 7.50 SRD each – Harry Tjin Party Supplies
Crepe papers, 4 SRD – Harry Tjin Party Supplies

We used a white sheet as background and highlighted it with gold and purple colors. The flowers were cut out from crepe papers and we hanged the balloons above the ceiling with ribbons.

gold and purple party theme table setting

gold and purple theme table setting

We created this tablescape look using purple hue with gold and yellow accents. We placed a gold organza as a table runner above the purple sheet and added white ceramic plates to contrast the purple plates and the table cloth.


gold and purple party theme


Plastic plates, forks, spoons, cups and table napkins, 60 SRD – Harry Tjin Party Supplies
Organza sheet, 15 SRD – Harry Tjin Party Supplies
Champagne glass, 51 SRD -Kirpalani
Old mason jars


Now that the decorations are ready,  we are going to get busy with the food preparation in a while.

Hope everyone is having a blast on their New Year’s Party!



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