Holi or Holi Phagwa is one of my favorite festivals in Suriname. It’s messy, colorful and lots of fun!

Niko attended his first Phagwa celebration in 2019 and it was such a wonderful experience for the both of us. If you’ve been following my blog, I wrote before that I want the boys to become familiar with the different festivals around the world.

This is the second Holi festival during the course of the pandemic, but I won’t let the boys, especially Nate miss the fun that the Festival of Colours brings.

To celebrate Holi this year, I turned the boys’ mud kitchen into a Holi kitchen with colorful decorations and of course, the gulal powders. I even bought cheap white T-shirts for them to wear. 😛

This may be a simple activity for them, but they will surely remember it when they will look back at these photos.

The boys enjoyed throwing and wiping the colored powder at each other. It was messy and lots of fun.

Hope you all had a blast with your Holi celebration!

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