Holi is just around the corner and what is the best way to celebrate the Festival of Colors? Rainbow Oobleck!

This is the second time I prepared oobleck for the boys, but today I made it in three different colors.

Oobleck is an awesome sensory play plus science activity for kids. It is easy to make, a bit messy, but pretty easy to clean.

The magical thing about oobleck is that it’s hard when you try to hold it and it’s runny when you let go.


2 cups cornstarch
1 cup water
Drops of food coloring
Bowls (if you want to make it in different colors)

The boys and their friend, Cailey enjoyed playing with the oobleck. They even added dinosaurs and cars in the end.

Oobleck is such a big hit in our house. The kids had so much fun.

NOTE: Don’t throw oobleck down the sink because it will clog up your drain. You can let it dry out and throw it in the trash.

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