How nice it is to come home every night, to eat on your own table during dinner or to sleep in your own bed.
It’s hard to find the comfort of home somewhere else.
Home for me is my family.
They are the reason why I come home every night rather than partying with friends.
They are the reason why I enjoy eating dinner on our own table, talking about how our day was.
And they are the reason why it’s much more comfortable to sleep in my own bed, knowing that in the other rooms, they are there. I don’t know, but it’s a different feeling of security.

Home is where you go inside your house and see the smile of your parents knowing you’re back.
Home is the wagging tail of your dog and his feet against you.
Home is the smell of homemade dinner.
Home is a comfortable bed with a lovely starry night ceiling.
Home is a small table and a lamp where you can write.
Home is a nice cool breeze coming in your window.
Home is where you can stay in the hot shower for a long time.
Home is where you watch horror movies with your family and scare one another.
Home is where you and your family stay at home during a storm, hugging and wrapping each other in a warm blanket.
Home is the sound of prayers for your loved ones.

Home is my family, and my family is everything.

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  1. After a weekend trip, I developed a great respect for musicians who travel constantly. How do they sleep in a different bed every night? I was so grateful to get home. Thanks for liking my post, “I Write Because…”

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