I’ve been playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for days now. I already reached Kakariko Village, Hateno Village, Lurelin Village and the Kara Kara Bazaar. I wasn’t able to continue to Gerudo Town because the sandstorm was annoying and based on suggestions from other players, it’s the most difficult boss to kill. So, I will come back to it later.

The technique I did to reach these towns safely was to climb mountains and paraglide from places to places avoiding monsters. LOL. I’m scared πŸ˜…

I got the quest from Impa in Kakariko Village to find the four Divine Beasts. I planned to go to Zora’s Domain first because it’s the one nearest to Kakariko Village. To my surprise, I really can’t cross it even if I paraglide from Lenayru Great Spring. I can’t climbed up because the mountain is too slippery from the rain. I tried to wait for the sun to shine but (stupid me), I realized it too late that it’s raining constantly in those areas. Sigh. It’s a waste of my time, really. I even reached Akkala Tower trying to climb around the mountains. I wasn’t able to activate the tower because of the purple goo surrounding it and my goal was to reach Zora’s Domain first, so I went away and activated the Dah Hesho shrine instead.

No matter what I do, I can’t seem to reach Zora’s Domain, so as much as I don’t want to read any of the game’s walkthrough, I’m done! Hahaha. πŸ˜… This is the most difficult place to find. Don’t blame me! πŸ˜“

I teleported to Daka Tuss shrineΒ (white dots) and walked towards Sheh Rata shrine (which I didn’t activate yet because THORNS! and I don’t have time to do it because my goal is to go to ZORA’S DOMAIN first!) πŸ˜’ Watch out for the Guardian in the area!

I met a Zora named Ledo (as expected) and he instructed me to meet Prince Sidon at Inogo Bridge. Finally!

From Sheh Rata shrine, I traveled the Lanayru Wetlands (green dots) and fought a few Lizalfos and Octs before reaching and activating Soh Kofi shrine. Beside the shrine is the Inogo Bridge. Prince Sidon gave me an Elector Elixir and asked to continue to Zora’s Domain (orange dots) and met several Lizalfos, Octs and one Electric Wizzrobe.

TIP: Upon reaching the top where a big rock would block the way, GO LEFT to avoid Lizalfos with shock arrows on the right.

See how beautiful Zora’s Domain is. My husband commented that I belong… because MERMAIDS. πŸ˜›


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