Holi Phagwa also known as the Festival of Colors is celebrated every March in Suriname. It marks the victory of good over evil. It is a celebration where people (friends or strangers alike) smeared each other with different colors as a sign of love and belongingness.

In other Hindu tradition, it is a day for leaving the past and conflicts behind. It also signifies the coming of the new season, Spring, and people symbolized it as a start of a new beginning.


Wear a white shirt. An old white t-shirt is the best choice. The colored powders are much more visible in white and you won’t regret it if it gets stained. Avoid wearing dark-colored clothes because it is traditionally a sign of unhappiness and Holi is all about fun and joy.


Sunglasses. Protect your eyes from the powder. They might be safe, but some people experienced a stinging effect.


Head scarf or hat. Some Phagwa powders are difficult to remove from your hair and scalp. A head scarf or hat is a good way to cover and protect your hair. You can also put some oil on your hair ahead of time to ease the removal of the powder later.

Slippers or old sneakers. It is more comfortable to wear slippers because you can get rid of the powder quickly. If you want to wear sneakers or shoes make sure that it is an old one because some powders are difficult to wash off.

Phagwa powders. The powders are available in the Palmentuin during the event. You can also buy them at any Hindu stores beforehand.


Sling bags. Small bags are advisable to bring during Phagwa. Aside from being weightless, it will also give you a lot of freedom to move while you party.

Cameras and cellphones. Cover your cameras and cellphones with a waterproof case because some people are throwing colored water.


During the day, people flock in the Palmentuin to watch cultural Hindu presentations and games.

Dahi Handi

In the late afternoon until the evening, a party is held in the Independence Square with guest DJs.

DJ C Futego

Celebrate Holi in Style

Makeup: Try this amazing Color Explosion makeup tutorial by Michelle Phan. Check out the video.

Image result for color explosion michelle phan
© YouTube

Nail Polish: Style your nails with vibrant colors.

nails for color run:
© rirrianlillian

Headdress: Wear a hat or headdress. Who cares, it will be dirty anyway.

Friends:  Good music, bright lights, vibrant colors and good friends. These are the key ingredients to an epic party.

Holi Phagwa unites people of different races. No matter what your skin color is, at the end of the day, we will all look the same with our stained clothes and colorful faces. See you at Holi!







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