I know, I know, I said I will stop watching horror movies for now, but I can’t help it. Insidious movies has always been my favorite. I really loved how they connect the plot from the first film up to the third one, that’s why I needed to feed my horror cravings with the fourth sequel.

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To start with the film, the first scene showed how Elise was maltreated by her father when she was a young girl because she can see ghosts. It also explained how she lost her mother and the reason why she left her father and brother.

There were a few jump scares at the start of the movie making the audience gasp and scream, but after awhile, it became predictable.

We discovered that in the other realm, there are a few a red doors that are connected to the real world, that’s why demons and spirits can just go in and out as they please.

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There was also this mystery whistle (given by Elise’s mother to her brother) used by the ghost to lure Elise into the basement. I already knew that once it is used, the spirit of Elise’s mother will show up to help save the day.

The movie has lazy jump scares with less efforts. No exciting plot twist either. I guess, nothing will ever beat the 1st and 2nd Insidious movies.

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