Jack’s Bar is a popular restaurant in Bequia, located at the Princess Margaret Beach. It has a beachfront setting and a Caribbean Island atmosphere. They don’t have a lot on their menu, however the food was delicious and the cocktails were great! I was hoping to try their famous lobster dishes based on the positive reviews from TripAdvisor, but the lobster season is only from September to May.

Classic Caesar, 60 EC (23 US)
Beef Steak, 70 EC (26 US)
Grilled Chicken, 34 EC (13 US)

It was a relaxing experience watching the waves and the turquoise sea while sipping on my iced coconut drink. They also have sunbeds where you can lay and chill with a couple of beers.

Jack’s Bar has a BBQ night with live bands every Tuesday that is famous in the area.

Location: Princess Margaret Beach
Website: Jack’s Bar
Contact No.: 457 3762


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