Hello fellow Boos and Ghouls! I’m so excited to share with you our little Halloween Party.

I grew up celebrating Halloween with my cousins in the Philippines and it became our little tradition. Our parents don’t recognize Halloween because of our country’s religion, but they never really cared if we celebrate it. (or they just don’t have any idea what we’re celebrating!) 😂

I remembered me and my cousins would save money to buy food and decorations, then we would invite our small cousins to celebrate with us in the evening. We would eat and share ghost stories. It’s usually so simple, but worth going back to.

Now that we’re all scattered in different countries, some of us still continue our Halloween tradition, but this time with our kids.

Since Suriname doesn’t observe Halloween plus the current situation (pandemic), parties are limited. We live in a residential compound where our neighbors are all related, so it’s a perfect setup for the kids because they can do trick or treat within our vicinity.

The party started at 4:30 in the afternoon. I picked this time because Halloween doesn’t need to be always in the evening especially with the kids. I want them to have the idea that Halloween can also be a mix of cute and spooky. Maybe when they’re older, we can proceed with the dark and scary theme.

This is the first kids’ party that I organized myself, so I learned a lesson here: Never ever put party favors on their plates because there will be chaos (especially with the toddlers!) They wanted to open all the party favors on each plates while waiting for the other guests.

The Halloween banner was decorated by the kids from our previous activities, Create a Jack O’ Lantern face and Witches Hat Decorating Activity. I made the trick or treat bags from felt and foam papers.

Check out DIY Felt Trick or Treat Bags Tutorial

The kids also enjoyed the cute and spooky things on the table while eating. It’s nice to see them having fun with their costumes. I DIY-ed both Niko and Nate’s costumes. Niko’s tail looked so funny especially when he’s walking.

We started the trick or treat right after they ate. It’s better that the sun is still up, so the small ones won’t be scared. I think it’s the first time that everyone in the neighborhood did a trick or treat. When the kids went to the houses, the neighbors wore their spooky masks while handling out candies. They even got cash, thanks to their generous Ajji (grandma in Hindustan).😂

Niko was confused why he got a lot of treats, so he wanted to give the others back because he has too much. LOL. 😂😂😂

The party was a little short because we were going to attend a birthday party in the evening (and yes, it’s in the same vicinity, too 😊).

It was a fun day and the kids enjoyed our little celebration. This is going to go in our list of family traditions, no matter where we are.

Happy Halloween again, Boos and Ghouls!

kids halloween party
Here’s Indominus Nate with his ghost costume
halloween suriname

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