I am excited to share some snapshots of my DIY Aviation-themed baby shower hosted by yours truly.

This is the first event that I organized myself.

Unfortunately, my husband was away for a flight on the same date, but he made sure that everything is all set the day before the shower.


I made my invitation using Canva and sent it to my friends online. Canva is a free graphic-design website where you can create invitations, business cards, etc. I didn’t put the baby’s name yet because we wanted it to be a surprise.






  • Mini donuts by Honne Ponne Mini Donuts
  • Customized cake, cakepops and cupcakes
  • Jello Marshmallow roll-ups
  • Marshamallows and candies


I got the idea from Pinterest. I chose the shower loofah as giveaways because guests will actually use it and it was easy to find in the stores.



We actually didn’t make an announcement that I am pregnant, but our family and close friends knew. I’m sure everyone will be surprised once the photos show up on social media.

In just a month, we are going to meet our little pilot and I can say that he is already loved, to the moon and back, before he even landed.

I am happy that I was able to make my baby shower a success. I am very thankful to my friends who celebrated our little pilot’s arrival. It was a night full of fun and we ended it with karaoke and fun conversations.

NOTE: Photos with low quality were taken using mobile cameras


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