Today, I’m going to sum up all the things that I wanted to post about but didn’t have the time. It was a very busy week for me. I had been working for 5 days already and I need to do 4 more. Yes, 9 straight days. Kill me now... (Okay! Just kidding!)


I gained 100 followers this week! Yehey! This is the kind of news that can actually brighten up a very stressful day! I am so happy and excited.

I would like to thank all the bloggers and writers who followed and believed in me. You guys are my inspiration. Thank you for all the support, advices and motivation. It made blogging a very fun experience to me. <3


I also received two award nominations this week. I was able to write a post about them. Thank you again to my fellow bloggers who nominated me. 😀 I feel so loved. <3

The Creative Blogger Award

Blogger Recognition Award

Yesterday, it was my friend’s birthday, and we had a mini celebration in their house (which is on the first floor of our building).  We invited our Filipino friends and some of the locals who were close to us. And yes, it was a typical Filipino party with lots of food and drinks to go by.

It was a fun night of course, but I had to go home before 12 midnight (Cinderella here!) because I still have the morning shift the next day. Oh well!

I love this Amarula drink, by the way! It’s really good. I can’t even feel the alcohol sting in my throat! 😀

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Happy birthday Pincet!

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I guess these are the only highlights of my week. Everything is just work, work, work. I’m ready for my 6th day tomorrow.

Have a nice evening everyone!



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