National Bubble Wrap Day also known as National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day is celebrated every last Monday of January. This year, it falls on the 25th of January.

I know, I know! I was also surprised that there’s a lot of special days to celebrate everyday! ๐Ÿ˜€

To celebrate today’s special day, we did a bubble wrap rainbow painting. This is an easy, fun craft to make with toddlers, plus it’s mess-free!

Bubble wrap
Red, orange, yellow, green and blue paints
White cardstock or thick paper

Pour the different colored paints on the cardstock forming a rainbow. Cover the cardstock with the bubble wrap.

Niko was amazed at how the paints spread when he smooshed and pushed them with his hands.

Once done, pull the bubble wrap slowly from the cardstock.

During this activity, we also discussed the different colors of the rainbow.

Happy National Bubble Wrap day, friends!

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