Aside from dinosaurs and trucks, Niko is also obsessed with excavators (Thanks to Blippi). Every time we passed by one, he would say “Mama, Teeth“. He calls all excavators, Teeth probably because of the teeth-shape in their buckets. I researched about it and it’s literally called, bucket teeth. Okay, this boy is teaching us new things. 😂

Last Saturday, we brought him to Surmac CAT Rental Store to check out their excavator display. We asked permission from the staff if it’s possible to look at some of the machines outside their shop. They were so nice to allow us and we can even take pictures.

There were four machines outside. A small bulldozer, a fork lift machine, mini and large excavators.

Niko was intimidated by the size of the machines, mainly, the large excavator. He was scared and excited at the same time. He kept on staring at it, but he doesn’t want to go down. I think he just realized that his favorite excavator is actually larger than him in real life (of course, compared to his toys). The only thing he liked was the small bulldozer BECAUSE it’s SMALL. Plus, he even touched its tracks. So, Yay for that!

Don’t worry he still loves excavators.

Thank you Surmac CAT Rental Store for this moment. <3


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