While Daddy is in Miami, me and the boys celebrated Niko’s 3rd birthday at home with his favorite dinosaurs. We finally used the Jurassic World backdrop that was supposed to be for his 2nd birthday.

I ordered a cake, placed his favorite T-Rex on the cake as a topper and used some of the supplies that I kept since last year.

The boys were so excited to sit down on their chairs and Nate kept on making a roaring sound while looking at all the dinosaurs.

We sang a Happy Birthday song (well, okay, I literally sang) for Niko and then he blew his candle. He was such an expert in blowing candles.

We still can’t believe that we already have a three-year -old. Time flies so fast indeed.

Happy birthday to our Nikosaurus!

Cake from Your Sweetest Desire Suriname
Jurassic World backdrop from Amazon

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