No mittens, no problem! Use socks!


Since day 1, my zombie parents insisted of putting these things on my hands even though I kept removing them. Well, aside from the fact that they’re too large, they’re also annoying.

I’m a baby and of course I wanted to scratch my face all the time. That’s the whole reason why we have sharp nails when we were born. It’s a baby thing and these adults don’t seem to understand.

These sharp nails give us the opportunity to be who we wanted to be. You can’t blame me if I want to look badass like Geralt from the Witcher or Roronoa Zoro from One Piece. And maybe if I feel a little evilish, I could look like Scar.

Today, I’m going to make a stand  (not literally though) against mittens. All babies are welcome to join me.

“Remove the mittens! No to nail cutting or trimming! Give us the freedom to scratch ourselves!”

© Captain Niko


Pancake Bunnykins

An Asian mermaid lost in transition.

I live in an enchanted forest at the end of a rainbow. I have a little window in my room where I can see unicorns playing in the grass field at day and magical fairies dancing under the silvery moon at night.


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