Fort Charlotte is one of the most interesting historical site in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and is situated at 600 ft above the bay.

View of Kingstown

On our way to the Buccament Bay Resort, we decided to pass by the huge fortress. The taxi driver was really informative about its history. While driving to the ridge part of the Fort, he talked about how the British army garrisoned the fort to defend it from French naval ships. The guns were pointed inland on purpose to protect them from the Black Caribs (descendants of the indigenous people of St. Vincent mixed with African slaves) who sided with the French.


Old cells


Noticed how the guns were pointing inlands?

The fortress has no entrance fee. Tour guides are available inside (for a small fee) if you want to know more about its history. We only went for a quick stop, so we just checked the place on our own. There are paintings in the old bakery that tell the story of the Black Caribs. Old cells are also preserved inside the fort.

Old Bakery


The fort overlooks the capital city of Kingstown, and from afar, you can see its neighboring Grenadine island, Bequia. It is one of the best places to take nice pictures and feel the cool breeze coming from the sea.

A view of Bequia from afar


Fort Charlotte is a must-see attraction if ever you are in St. Vincent. I’m not quite sure how much the fare to the fort is since we booked a taxi from Kingstown to Buccament Bay Resort for 60 EC and the driver was nice enough to give us a quick tour of the place.

Location: Bershire Hill, Edinboro, St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Opening Time: Not stated
Entrance Fee: Free

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