Moving to a new apartment gave me plenty of space to make and decorate my crafts.

I used this empty corner in the house to decorate crafts I made for the season.

With Halloween creeping around the corner, I surprised Niko with ghosts and bats. He doesn’t even know what a ghost or a bat is at first, to be honest.


White paper plates
Black colored paper
White ribbon
Glue gun and sticks

Let’s make some ghosts!

Cut out eyes and mouth from the black colored paper and glue them unto the front of the plates.
Cut 6 pieces (or more) of 35-cm white ribbons.
Attach the white ribbons at the bottom of the plate’s back.
Cut a longer ribbon and attach it at the top back of the plate. This will be used to hang the ghosts in the ceiling or wherever you want. πŸ˜›

And we’re done!

I’m looking forward when both boys are bigger and we can make these arts and crafts together!

Niko learned new words after this. GHOST, BAT and BOO! Hahaha!

Though he is not the only one enjoying the ghost and bat decorations. Look at Nate!


Pancake Bunnykins

An Asian mermaid lost in transition.

I live in an enchanted forest at the end of a rainbow. I have a little window in my room where I can see unicorns playing in the grass field at day and magical fairies dancing under the silvery moon at night.


  1. Whew! Thank God for high ceilings. Hahahaha I hope they won’t figure out ways to climb up πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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