We had our brunch today at Zus & Zo and the MR ordered spicy pasta. He was supposed to order bread with something-I-can’t-remember-because-I-wasn’t-paying-attention, but I tricked him into taking the pasta (I need a photo of it for my blog) without him realizing it. Haha!

Dutch people love to eat bread. If we can eat rice three times a day, they can also eat bread three times or more a day. As I was reading the menu, the vegetable rice caught my eyes, and if I see rice on the list, I will definitely pick the rice. He doubted my choice and asked me if I’m sure about ordering the vegetable rice since I don’t eat vegetables. I quickly answered YES because I will add some chicken fillets and he will eat 3/4 of it anyway.

While waiting for our orders, the waitress gave me a fork and knife then went to serve the other costumers.

Me: (called the attention of the husband while showing him the utensils in each hand) Hon, I can’t eat like this. I’m a Filipino, I need to use a spoon for the rice.
Husband: (took the fork and knife away from me) Eat with your hands, that’s how Filipinos do it, right? (then gave me a smirk!)
Me: ….


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  1. HAHAHA. might as well put that vegetable rice on a banana leaf then eat it with your bare hands.Then may toyo,calamansi,sili on the side. Hmm! I wonder how the people in the resto will react on it.. haha. you might wanna show them how to eat the Filipino way. HAHA 😋

  2. Hahaha mashoshookt sila. Lol. I hope this coming Independence Day may boodle fight para makita naman ng mga local. It’s the first time na mag celebrate kasi dito ng independence day. 😄😄😄

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