One of the things that excites me with children is the fact that I can improve my creativity through making DIY toys, costumes and of course, photoshoots.

Most modern moms are doing monthly birthday photoshoots from one month until the child turns one year, and then it becomes yearly.

I’ve been doing Niko’s photoshoot since his 1st month and I’m currently busy with Nate’s monthly birthday theme.

Based on my experience, I find it easier to take photos of babies compared to toddlers. Babies are not easily distracted, they stay in one place and can be hushed easily.

But these crawlers and toddlers are not.

When Niko turned two last March, as usual, we did his photoshoot at home. I really thought that he’s going to cooperate because he is TWO.

I was wrong. Very wrong.

He doesn’t want to sit and kept on crying.

But then, he got distracted by the balloons for a moment (at least he stopped crying?).

So, I made a deal with him. He can hold one of the balloons while sitting. Once he got the balloon, he cried again while kicking all the props next to him.

So, I planned another distraction. I placed a tablet with his favorite show in front of him. He watched it quietly while I kept calling him to look at the camera. Of course, his eyes were all looking down on those photos. (Face palm!)

I tried to give him his toys. He stopped crying and started playing. Then cried again the moment I took the toys.

I even bribed him with snacks. He was back to being happy and ate them.

But when he almost finished the snacks, he cried to his Dad to take him while destroying the props again.

All in all, toddler photoshoot is a lot of work. Please don’t do it alone.


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  1. This got me smiling..we can’t stop now, can we? The imperfections makes it fun and keeps us smiling years later.

    I thoroughly enjoyed it!

  2. Exactly. I have to be very very patient or else all my efforts will be wasted. 😂

  3. It would be a nice topic during family dinners in the future, too 😂😂😂

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