One of the things we did during the lockdown period was potty-training. Niko just turned 2 and we thought it would be a good time to do it since were staying inside the house all the time.

Day One started with no diaper and no pants. I introduced him to his potty and told him if he wants to poo or pee, he needs to sit there. I’m not sure if he understood, but it’s worth the try.

Came in the first poop. As expected, he just stood on the floor until the first poop fell, pointing at it and saying popo and eeww. (Ah well, I definitely saw that! πŸ˜€ )

I hurriedly picked him up and put him on his potty.

He was a little confused and scared while sitting on the potty, so I sat in front of him. But he didn’t want to poo anymore.

Then the second wave of pee splashed on the floor. He called for me and told me popo, but it was pee.

Even though he is done with peeing or pooing on the floor, we still brought him to the potty, so he will learn and understand that he needs to do it there. And again, I carried him all the way to the bathroom where his potty awaits him.

This went on for days. We did the same thing over and over until he finally learned to hold it together and tells us he needs to do popo and would run to the potty in the bathroom. On Day Five, he was wearing pants again.

I also taught him how to throw his pee and poo inside the toilet bowl and flush them. And yes, the flushing is his favorite part because of the water and flush sound. And no, it’s not a good choice. He likes it so much that sometimes, he has to pee 5x within an hour, just so he could flush the toilet.

Oh, wait. He also likes the banging sound of the toilet cover every time he closes it. So, he never leaves it open.

After Niko learned how to use his potty, we bought him new boxers. He was really happy and kept on showing it to us while saying Wooow. He only uses diapers in the evening when he sleeps.

In less than a month, he learned how to use the toilet bowl.

We bought him a small stool, so he can stand and wash his hands in the sink after using the toilet. Now, he’s also using it to climb up the toilet bowl.

So, all it took for us was a lot of patience and patience and patience. Especially when I’m alone taking care of the baby and going with him to the toilet. Multi-tasking as what they always say.


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  1. Not yet… I will have another toddler in 2 months. Hahahaha. Will be repeating the same process, I hope it will also work with the second one. XD

  2. That is a very good idea. Usually these little ones follow what the big ones are doing. 😊😊😊

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