Redi Doti is a native Indian village located to the southeast of Paramaribo which takes an hour and a half drive from the city. It’s called Redi (Red) Doti (Earth/Sand) because of its typical red-colored ground.

We left Paramaribo by bus at 8:00 in the morning and reached Redi Doti (with a few stops) around 10:00. There were other resorts along the way too, unfortunately, no one can tell me the name of the resort we went to since it’s still under construction.

Cottages are available where you can cook and eat. There is no accessible shower room in the area, only a changing room and one toilet.

There’s a long pool of stagnant water, but we were only allowed to swim in the area where the water is just waist-high because the resort still needs to fix and clean the other parts. By the way, the color of the water is reddish to brownish (which is common in Suriname), it might look lukewarm because of the color, but it is really really cold once you dive in.

We enjoyed eating Indian food: Bara and Pholourie for breakfast, Surinamese food: Chicken and rice for lunch, and Loempia and Simosas for snack.

Homemade Bara

Aside from swimming, you can also relax and sleep in the hammock or sunbath under the sun.

On the other side of the pool, there’s a small road that was supposed to lead to the forest, but it’s not yet finished. I think this place has a lot more to offer once it’s done. It’s a good place to get close to nature and just enjoy the sound of the trees swaying from the cool breeze.

Going back to Paramaribo, we passed by and took photos of one of the tallest trees in Suriname, the Kankantrie which can grow up to 75 meters high.




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  1. It was fun. The water was so cold, I only dipped twice. Haha. Thank you for visiting my blog. 😀

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