For Filipinos who gave birth in Suriname, there are two ways to apply for a Report of Birth: Send the requirements to the Philippine Embassy in Brasilia or wait for the embassy to conduct an outreach program in Suriname and apply for it personally.


  1. 4 copies of the Report of Birth form, typed or written legibly in capital or bold letters and signed by one or both Filipino parents.
    1. Original or certified copy and 3 copies of child’s birth certificate with English translation from a certified translator. The birth certificate and the official translation should have an apostille (authentication) from the District Court or Griffie Der Kantongerechten located at the Grote Combeweg in Paramaribo.
      NOTE: The birth certificate and the translation are valid for 1 week from the date you received them. More than that, you need to request for a new one. The apostille costs 10 SRD per page and will be released 1 week after application.
  2. 4 copies each of the parents’ passport.
  3. Original and 3 copies of parents’ marriage certificate (if married).
  4. 4 copies of valid visa or stay permit from both parents or one of the parents.
  5. 25 USD service fee
  6. For delayed registration (one year after birth): Four copies of duly accomplished Affidavit of Delayed Registration. If the application is done by mail, the Affidavit must be apostilled. Check PH Embassy Brasilia for downloadable forms.

That would be 1 original and 3 copies of the above requirements (except for the passport and stay permit).


There is a Philippine Consulate in Suriname located at Laparkan Suriname NV, Henck Arronstraat 144, Paramaribo.

If you want to send the documents to the PH Embassy in Brasilia, you need to have it sealed at the Philippine Consulate first. It costs 25 USD.

Then you have to pay the 25 USD fee for the Report of Birth to their bank.

 Once everything is settled, you can send the documents via FedEx or DHL and don’t forget to include a prepaid return shipment label. (They will use it to return your documents to Suriname).

Embaixada da República das Filipinas
SEN 801 Av. das Nações, Lote 01
CEP 70800-910


Passport application should be done in person, so it’s either you go to the Philippine Embassy in Brasilia or wait for the embassy to come to Suriname.


  1. Duly accomplished passport form for minors, filled up and signed by either parent. For minors below 18 years old who are unaccompanied by both parents, a notarized Affidavit of Consent to Travel must be presented and signed by either parent.
  2. Report of Birth or PSA birth certificate, one original and one photocopy.
  3. 60 USD application fee

After submitting all the requirements, parents are asked to double check their child’s passport details being encoded in the computer. If everything is correct, the embassy will proceed with the picture taking and then it’s done! 😀

The processing of passports will take up to 8 to 10 weeks. You can always check the Tropang Suriname page for updates regarding the passport’s shipping, arrival and where to claim it.


  • Watch out for updates from the Tropang Suriname page with regards to the Embassy’s outreach program
  • Infants applying for ROB or passports are prioritized

If you have other inquiries, you can always contact the Philippine Embassy in Brasilia thru their FB page.


When applying for your child’s passport, you are now required to submit a copy of the ROB or birth certificate from the PSA first. When this post was published (year 2018), we were able to apply for both the ROB and paassport at the same time.


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